The past and presence of the Kapolcs ArtValley Hall

The Hall, opened and fully renovated in 2020 September, was originally known as Kuti house and Kuthy Hall among the people of Kapolcs and the visitors of the Art Valley were referring to it as the Castle, since it was the most eminent building of the village.

The rectangle shaped building was getting built at the end of the 18th century as the centerpiece of the manor – the year 1822 is marking the possible opening of the hall on the anterior of the gate. The architectural style is dominated by the baroque folk-style as its main motif. 

The hall was owned by the wealthy Kuthy family until the very end of the 1920’s. The house later on had gotten into the hands of the settlement through deprivatization from its former owner and it has functioned as the office for the local sovkhoz named Egervölgye Agricultural Collective Farm.

The Kuthy Hall has been renovated in 2020 thanks to the collaboration between OXO Properties Corp., the Hungarian National Touristic Office and the Municipality of Kapolcs. The building now named Art Valley Hall invites visitors with new services, parking space, a playground and a new main square. Following the renovation, laying its foundations on the traditions of the Valley of Arts Festival, the hall is serving as the centerpiece for the cultural and festival tourism, and is one of the prominent locations regarding tourism and hiking in the Balaton-Felvidék region. The Art Valley Hall greets visitors with exhibitions, cultural and family programs, a souvenir shop and the Kuthy Café’s delicious sweets coming from local producers.

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