Summer Farewell gig in Kapolcs with street theater

For the second time this year the Bondoró Street Theater Festival will be held as the summer farewell event between 28-30th August to attract visitors to Kapolcs, passionate for artisanship, delicacies, art and the Balaton-Highlands. The Bondoró will present the greatest street arts at six different locations this year, besides that, concerts, acrobats and circus formations, workshops and programs for the children will entertain the visitors. Bence Sarkadi marionett artist, the Tűzmadarak Circus group, Balázs Szabó with his bandmates, Mikropódium, the Grecsó-Hrutka Tandem and the Firkin also visited and performed at Kapolcs. Thanks to the Balaton-Highlands National Park we made a trip to the one and only Bondoró-hegy, we could buy special products from Hungarian producers and we could drink the finest wines of the region at Bordűr. The programs were complemented with an artisan fair and with unique programs of fine arts and exhibitions.

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